The Stallions of Run Gypsy Run

2008 ~ 14.3hh Bay Tobiano

Veterinary Certificate

Shameless' foals

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2008 ~ 14.1hh

Veterinary Certificate

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Scout's foals


RGR Stallions of the future

R1C2 RGR Michigan Mafia [Mafie]
2011 ~ expected height 14.2hh

My mother's The Goat and my daddy is Shameless

Mafie ~ the one to watch!.

Upcoming stallions from RGR:
We have retained breedings from this colt, as nothing goes out intact that we would not use ourselves.

R1C2 RGR Darkest Knight
2011 ~ expected height 14.3hh

Sired by Ice out of Ellerbecks Banquet aka The Stallion Making Mare.

Knight ~ aka the fixer.. MI

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RGR Stallions of the past:
because good stallions make great geldings

R1C2 Ice ~ Pres-Collines Ice Storm
2008 ~ 14.3hh

The ICE Man. Marriane's Main Man (CT)

Veterinary Certificate

Ice's Foals

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R1C2 Max "RGR Maximus" 14.2hh
Now a great gelding & Jason's soul mate.. KY

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Veterinary Certificate

Max is our home grown boy!

Sired by Lively Leo
out of our good mare
Ellerbecks Banquet aka
The Stallion Making Mare.

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