I loved shopping abroad and have found the most wonderful people, they are honest, good breeders. I made the best friends there and here in my searches, luv yas.

I want to give special thanks to Catherine for all her help and friendship. I didn't even buy a horse from her and she helped me all the way with all I did buy. She is without a doubt one of the most honest people I know and love. She too breeds cobs and has a couple of tradionally breed foals from real Gypsy's horses. Here horses are without a doubt stacked in conformation, as she breeds for conformation first and formost along with temperament and can track their breeding back six generations.

She is the one person I know that finds beauty in every horse she sees, because she is the type that looks for the good in all of them not the bad. I would not own five horses right now with out her help.

Look for Catherine's creations at
Ellerbeck Coloured Cumbrian Cobs

Ellerbeck Banquet,
one of Catherine's creations

Here are the weanling foals that we imported from the UK ourselves.

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These two colts and three fillies arrived in the USA on
October 17, 2008 & released from quarantine on October 20.
Here they are!

Hermits Angelina

Pres-Collines Ice Storm

Quarrystone Lanty Tarn



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